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Every underdog needs a friend

Renegade Squirrel is the quick and easy canvassing tool that every

grassroots political campaign needs.

Start using our tools for just $19/mo.

Currently available in North Carolina.




Our list generator creates your lists for canvassing, phone banking, and mailing automatically so you don't have to. All you have to do is use them.


Enter feedback from the voters you contact directly into the system using the 'Make Calls' tool. The feedback that you enter helps build your 'Get Out The Vote' lists to reach your active supporters in the crunch time before election day.


When you login to Renegade Squirrel you can gain access to your walk, call, and mailings lists within 30 seconds or less. Campaigns can easily add volunteers, enter data, and view canvassing progress.



Starting at $19/mo

  • Pre-built print ready lists

  • No turf-cutting required

  • Walking, call and mailing lists

  • Public voter file access by party

  • Interactive map preview

  • Make Calls phone banking tool

  • Automatic GOTV lists

  • Easy voter data entry

  • Easily create volunteer accounts

  • View campaign progress


Starting at $49/mo

All STANDARD level features plus:

  • Export data to tools such as VAN, GetThru, Hustle, OutreachCircle, and more

  • We'll help extract your voter data from VoteBuilder or other voter files

  • Frequent voter targeting

  • Includes Precinct-level reports

  • Priority email and technical support (within 48 hrs)


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All PREMIUM features plus:

  • Custom voter targeting

  • Comprehensive district-level data analysis

  • 1-on-1 Campaign strategy consultation

  • Highest-priority technical support (within 24 hrs)



Renegade Squirrel is your crazy co-pilot for running a better field campaign.

We're not just tech people, we're political junkies. We watch each race and ride the wave of speculation and fact checking. We care just as much about the usability of our software as we do about the campaigns that are using it.

Born from fury and flames, we came from our previous jobs with the motivation to change the political landscape of the United States. We're tired of the same old story in politics and we want to see the new wave of political hopefuls meet their potential.

We're people who are passionate about change, just like you.